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I have worked my whole career to protect life, from the time of conception to natural death. Click here to read the blog.
Abortion Care
Abortion is not a disease; it is a symptom of underlying personal and societal ills. Click here to read the blog.
Sanctity of Life
Prioritizing the protection of human life, beginning at conception. Click here to read the blog.
Thoughts on Abortion
I oppose abortion at any stage of pregnancy from conception to natural death. Click here to read the blog.
The Sanctity of Life
To devalue life at any level is to eventually devalue life at every level. Click here to read the blog.

Business Interests
We are free to pursue our personal interests and talents and the career of our choice.Click here to read the blog.
Business Lessons
Small business is not out to change the world; it is the world. Click here to read the blog.
Entrepreneurs show us that the ideal life isn’t one of no work, the ideal life is satisfying work. Click here to read the blog.
Small Business
The first step to keep jobs and businesses in Michigan is to keep taxes and regulations under control. Click here to read the blog.

Cancer Perspective
Nobody wants it. Nobody likes it. We don’t want to think or talk about it. Unfortunately, many of us get it. What should we do? Click here to read the blog.
Caring with Cancer
When you learn that someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, what can you do and how can you “help” or encourage this person? Click here to read the blog.
Childhood Cancer
September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Consider suggestions on what you should do for your Michigan friends and neighbors who have a child with cancer. Click here to read the blog.

Child Abuse
As citizens, we have a responsibility to help protect children.Click here to read the blog.
Rearing Children
A study of school playground behavior illustrates that fact that children feel safer if they know what the boundaries are.Click here to read the blog.

Bathroom Usage
I would not seek to dictate an overall formula for the entire state. I believe such issues should be settled by local communities and school boards. Click here to read the blog.
Citizen Rights
Our nation was founded on the principle that we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Click here to read the blog.
​Michigan, The Neighborly State
​ I know that Michiganders are generous people who will jump in and help each other. I would love for us to be known as “The Neighborly State.” Click here to read the blog.
When it comes to homelessness, meaning the number of people living in shelters, on the streets and in other unsafe places, I’m happy to note that our state homelessness rate dropped by 9% between 2014 and 2016. The date from the same time period shows an 80% increase in rapid re-housing beds and a 38% decrease in transitional housing beds. Click here to read the blog.
Whatever it is that YOU do as a volunteer, if you are doing the right thing for the right reason, you are making a difference and I salute you! Click here to read the blog.

Native Americans
Within the state of Michigan there are twelve federally-acknowledged Native American tribes. Click here to read the blog.

College Costs
Michigan needs to explore ways to provide good paying jobs, enabling our graduates to pay off their debt and avoid going on welfare. Click here to read the blog.
Common Core
The goal is for children to learn a body of knowledge, not for programmed responses to be elicited by a test. Click here to read the blog.
Education Factor
The education of our children is vital; it is one of the key elements that make our state and nation great. Click here to read the blog.
Education and Reading
It’s hard to get a good education if you can’t read well, I am convinced that we should start by addressing the challenges that keep children from learning to read. Click here to read the blog.
Higher Education
When it comes to a college degree, statistics speak with eloquence. Click here to read the blog.
One of the big issues facing Michigan in recent years is the high rate of functional illiteracy—the inability to read well enough to perform such tasks such as filling out a job application. Click here to read the blog.
Adult illiteracy costs American society $240 billion per year through a combination of lost  productivity, unrealized tax revenues, welfare, and crime. Click here to read the blog.
Public Education
Now that we are in an era where geographic and communication constraints have been profoundly reduced, education has become a big business. Click here to read the blog.
Teacher Impact
What impact do teachers have on their students. Click here to read the blog.
Student Debt
The Grand Rapids Press reported last October that student debt in Michigan was up 57 percent  over the last 10 years. Click here to read the blog.

Christ Came
Christ came! That very first Christmas, He came! And He brought with him promises fulfilled, the hope of forgiveness, freedom from guilt and from the very power of sin in our lives! Click here to read the blog.
 Christmas 2016
Christmas time with the Hines family is a special time of year. Click here to read the blog.
Good Dads
Having just celebrated Father’s Day, I’ve been reminded of the value of fathers. Click here to read the blog.
Eating Together
Research shows that children who eat meals with their families frequently do better in school. Click  here to read the blog.
Healthy Thanksgiving
Grateful people live fuller, richer lives. They experience less pains, take better care of themselves, and have less toxic emotions such as anger and resentment. Click here to read the blog.
Michigan Fathers
Studies have shown that there are many benefits for children who grow up in a home where the dad is present. Click here to read the blog.
Mothers are the heart of the home and the knot that holds the family together. Click here to read the blog.
Michigan needs strong families – families that love each other, spend time together, and build lives, communities, and businesses together for the good of others. Click here to read the blog.
Parents and Reading
If we want to improve education in Michigan, we can all help by reading to the children in our sphere of influence. Click here to read the blog.
Spouse Care
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse can tell you with 93% certainty within 5 minutes of meeting  a couple if they will get divorced. Click here to read the blog.
Strong Families
We need to look at ways to strengthen our families and help each other develop strategies for working together to resolve conflict and encourage one another. Click here to read the blog.
I hope you will join me in extending friendship and hospitality to those around you, and as the last stanza of our national anthem says, may we “Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!” Click here to read the blog.

First Responders
Fire Deaths
Despite commendable efforts by local fire departments in various areas, fire deaths in Michigan have been increasing over the last five years. Click here to read the blog.
Human Heroes
Police officers are the human beings who have sworn to protect and serve the people of their community, despite the risk to themselves. Click here to read the blog.
Police officers, both male and female, are the human interface between the laws of government and the people. Click here to read the blog.

Balancing the Budget
I want to keep taxes and regulations under control, decreasing them whenever we can. But I also want to be practical. Click here to read the blog.
Best Solutions
Working together to affect the best solutions. Click here to read the blog.
Can Ethics and Politics Mix
​We have a right to expect and inspect integrity in our leaders. Click here to read the blog.
Constitutional Integrity
“Constitutional Integrity” – making laws, and governing, in line with the original intent of the founding fathers. Click here to read the blog.
Freedom of Conscience
How much does it mean to you to have the freedom to live according to your conscience? Click  here to read the blog.
Fresh Perspective
My experiences as an “outsider” mean that I’m not afraid to challenge failed power structures and seek better, more effective methods of solving problems. Click here to read the blog.
Government Integrity
When looking for a solution in government corruption, we need to leave blanket stereotypes behind and examine the root of the problem. Click here to read the blog.
Political Obligations
One advantage of running for governor as a political outsider is that I am not bound by any obligations to lobbyists or bureaucrats. Click here to read the blog.
Recreational Marijuana
As the discussion on legalizing recreational marijuana continues, Michiganders should consider how states that have already made such a move have been affected. Click here to read the blog.
The Constitution Matters
Some things are valuable enough to go to any lengths to protect them. Click here to read the blog.
I believe that the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is an essential accountability tool as it gives citizens the right to request and receive information. Click here to read the blog.
Transparency and Ethics
Part of the problem is weak public records laws and an absence of laws requiring personal financial disclosures by lawmakers and top state officials. Click here to read the blog.
U.S. Constitution, John Adams
I believe that it is critical that we as citizens understand our U.S. Constitution and what is required of us in order to uphold it. Click here to read the blog.

Gun Control
Bearing Arms
Before we dismantle the Second Amendment, we should know why it was there in the first place. Click here to read the blog.
Gun Rights
One of the rights the Founding Fathers of the United States wanted to make sure was protected was the right to bear arms. Click here to read the blog.
Hunter Safety
With its many different types of wildlife, Michigan is a great attraction for hunters. This can raise concerns for the safety of our residents and visitors. Click here to read the blog.

Prioritizing the physical and emotional needs of the elderly and those with Alzheimer’s disease. Click here to read the blog.
Anger is a Choice
Did you know that you don’t have to go through the stress of carrying anger around with you? Click here to read the blog.
Assisted Suicide
Assisted suicide should not be legal because it is dangerous. Click here to read the blog.
How Would You Fix Health Care?
I believe our goal should be affordable, accessible, and high-quality healthcare for everyone who wants it. I am in favor of Free-Market Health Care, giving people the freedom to choose. Click here to read the blog.
Special Needs Children
If you know a family with a special-needs child, why not seek ways to help ease their burden! A little compassion can go a long way! Click here to read the blog.
Unseen Dangers
Unseen dangers and unintended consequences, the water in Flint is a grave concern for families. Click here to read the blog.
The Benefits of Owning A Pet
Most of us are aware of the benefits of trained service animals, but many people struggling with disabilities, mental disorders, or post-traumatic stress syndrome are finding that interacting with their pet can help them cope with anxiety or depression. Click here to read the blog.

While immigrants should always be welcome to this country, they must be carefully vetted to assure that we are protecting our citizens and legal immigrants from terrorist acts. Click here to read the blog.

We can remember traditions and heritage from other times and places, but each person should seek to be first an American citizen, assimilating into the culture, values, laws, and loyalties of our nation. Click here to read the blog.
Open Border
Those who argue for open borders claim that they will provide economic benefits and reduce poverty by equalizing the world’s population but there are many more factors involved. Click here to read the blog.
Sanctuary Cities
Sanctuary policies drain resources that could be better invested in caring for and protecting the law-abiding citizens and legal residents of this country. Click here to read the blog.

We must consider not only the cost of construction of roads, buildings, and other projects, but also the maintenance. Click here to read the blog.
Michigan Roads
I want to make potholes rare, extend road longevity, and reduce maintenance costs. Click here to read the blog.
Roads and Business
What we should be looking for when finding a location for new business and how the roads matter. Click here to read the blog.

Recognizing the role of farmers in Michigan’s economy. Click here to read the blog.
Michigan Farmers
​Taxes and regulation need to encourage farm expansion and survival. We need to listen to our farmers. Click here to read the blog.
Michigan Jobs
I would bring back vocational training in our school system. This will require alternative certification to get skilled trades individuals into the classroom. Click here to read the blog.
Skilled Trades
A new program called Vocational Village is being offered in two Michigan prisons that holds a lot of potential for reintegrating prisoners into society and providing skilled workers for the work force. Click here to read the blog.
We are not guaranteed or entitled to success, it is achieved through wisdom and hard work. Click  here to read the blog.
Workforce Development Policy
As governor, I will promote the following endeavors to make a better Michigan. Click here to read the blog.
Workplace Communication
Good communication in the workplace can go a long way toward relieving workplace stress, if each person takes responsibly. Click here to read the blog.

Great Leaders
A few thoughts on what makes a great leader. Click here to read the blog.
Effective leaders are made, not born. There are certain key characteristics that are necessary to lead well. Click here to read the blog.
A good mentor can be a better predictor of success than education, natural abilities, and “the luck of the draw.” Click here to read the blog.

Life Advice
2018 New Year
As I reconsider the year 2017 and look forward to the year 2018, I recommit myself to faithfulness to my Lord, my wife, my family, my country and its constitution, and the people of the State of Michigan. Click here to read the blog.
The most significant changes I have observed are when people work one-on-one with other individuals. Click here to read the blog.
Courteous Driving
Here are a few tips that can help take some of the tension out of driving. Click here to read the blog.
Creation vs Evolution
If evolution is true, you happened by chance, not design. Click here to read the blog.
Does What We Believe Matter?
If humans were created, then there must be a purpose for their creation. Our lives were meant to matter for something. Click here to read the blog.
Psychology Today Magazine has identified that happiness, relationships, health, and goals are improved by gratitude. Click here to read the blog.
House vs Home
There is a debate over the pros and cons of renting or owning your own place. Click here to read the blog.
Important Memories
It is believed that every experience we have ever had is stored in the brain somewhere. Click here to read the blog.
Knowing People
First impressions are largely based on appearance and visual cues. Click here to read the blog.
A basic rule of thumb is to treat others the way you would like to be treated. Click here to read the blog.
Positive Change
If we want to see positive change, we must engage and be a part of it. We need to be growing and changing if we want to have that kind of influence on others. Click here to read the blog.
Values and Beliefs
What happens when my values and beliefs run into conflict with your values and beliefs? Click here to read the blog.
Wisdom encompasses the ability to make sound judgements/choices and helps provide balance and purpose in life. Click here to read the blog.

Preserving Religious Freedoms
We as a society cannot afford to take away the religious freedoms of our citizens. Religious organizations should be able to refuse such services directly if something runs contrary to their scripture or scriptural belief. Click here to read the blog.

Elder Care
It’s important to know what our options are in determining what will be best for our elderly family members. Click here to read the blog.
Senior Citizens
The value of our seniors goes far beyond whether they can manage technology. Click here to read the blog.
Senior Rights
Communities and policymakers in Michigan face challenges in caring for out aging population. Click  here to read the blog.

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